Everyday in our community families are affected by devastating injury and disease.
We're here to help.


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Families and Communities Together Relief


We’re a national non-profit organization delivering proven strategies that raise funds to support patients and families suffering from the results of a medical crisis.


We bring communities together in tax-exempt fundraising efforts that help patients and families access treatment and pay uninsured medical expenses and necessary daily living expenses.


If your family is in need we can provide you with the community-building tools and help required to make your fundraising goals a reality.


“A community engaged and working together can be a powerful force.”

― Idowu Koyenikan



Our Mission

The mission of FACT Relief  is to support families suddenly battling a debilitating and/or terminal disease as well as other catastrophic life events that may impact the ability of the head of the household to provide for the family.

Our goal is to bring communities, friends, families and loved ones together for a common purpose. To be able to immediately and sustainably help those we love financially get through a painful and debilitating time. We accomplish that by offering targeted financial support as well as long-term planning and guidance for the benefit of these families with a demonstrated need.


How We Started

When a friend was diagnosed with ALS we realized that he and his family needed help. They needed financial advice, fundraiser tools and a plan for dealing with their devastating news. A small group of us came to his aid with conviction, persistence and a “can do” attitude. What we learned helped us formulate a model that could be used by others who suffer similar situations. The result is FACT Relief, a non-profit and grassroots organization that provides financial and fundraising tools to help communities rally support for individuals and families facing the financial burden of catastrophic injury and terminal illnesses.

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